This is a small data set dealing with homicide rates in Detroit between the years 1961 and 1973. The goal should be to try to find the variables that best predict the homicide rate. The original data were collected by J.C. Fisher and used in his paper [1]. The copy we distribute is from StatLib at CMU ( and is in ASCII format. There is one record per year.

The data dimensions are as follows:

  • FTP—Full-time police per 100,000 population;
  • UEMP—% unemployed in the population;
  • MAN—number of manufacturing workers in thousands;
  • LIC—Number of handgun licences per 100,000 population;
  • GR—Number of handgun registrations per 100,000 population;
  • CLEAR—% homicides cleared by arrests;
  • WM—Number of white males in the population;
  • NMAN—Number of non-manufacturing workers in thousands;
  • GOV—Number of government workers in thousands;
  • HE—Average hourly earnings;
  • WE—Average weekly earnings;
  • HOM—Number of homicides per 100,000 of population;
  • ACC—Death rate in accidents per 100,000 population;
  • ASR—Number of assaults per 100,000 population.


[1] J. C. Fisher. “Homicide in Detroit: The Role of Firearms.” Criminology 14 (1976), 387–400.