Breakfast Cereal

This data set contains nutritional information for 77 different breakfast cereals. It was used for the 1993 Statistical Graphics Exposition as a challenge data set. We retrieved this data from StatLib at CMU. The data is from the nutritional labels and is in CSV format.

The variables are:

  • Cereal name;
  • manufacturer (e.g.,Kellogg’s);
  • type (cold/hot);
  • calories (number);
  • protein (g);
  • fat (g);
  • sodium (mg);
  • dietary fiber (g);
  • complex carbohydrates (g);
  • sugars (g);
  • display shelf (1, 2, or 3, counting from the floor);
  • potassium (mg);
  • vitamins and minerals (0, 25, or 100, respectively);
  • weight (in ounces) of one serving (serving size);
  • cups per serving.

Manufacturers are represented by their first initial: A=American Home Food Products, G=General Mills, K=Kelloggs, N=Nabisco, P=Post, Q=Quaker Oats, R=Ralston Purina.